This page presents all paper accepted in every RoSE workshop so far.

1st International Workshop on Robotics Software Engineering (RoSE’18)

  • Thomas Witte and Matthias Tichy. Checking consistency of robot software architectures in ROS. (PDFBibtex)

  • Gianluca Bardaro, Matteo Matteucci and Andrea Semprebon. A use case in model-based robot development using AADL and ROS. (PDFBibtex)

  • Shahar Maoz and Jan Oliver Ringert. On the Software Engineering Challenges of Applying Reactive Synthesis to Robotics. (PDFBibtex)

  • Loli Burgueño, Tanja Mayerhofer, Manuel Wimmer and Antonio Vallecillo. Using Physical Quantities in Robot Software Models. (PDFBibtex)

  • Daniel Sykes and Gavin Keighren. Industrial-Scale Environments with Bounded Uncertainty: A Productivity Maximisation Challenge. (PDFBibtex)

  • Giovanni Beltrame, Ettore Merlo, Jacopo Panerati and Carlo Pinciroli. Engineering Safety in Swarm Robotics. (PDFBibtex)

  • John-Paul Ore, Carrick Detweiler and Sebastian Elbaum. Toward Code-Aware Robotic Simulation. (PDFBibtex)

  • Neil Ernst, Rick Kazman and Philip Bianco. Toward Rapid Composition with Confidence in Robotics Software. (PDFBibtex)

  • Darko Bozhinoski and Mauro Birattari. Designing Control Software for Robot Swarms: Software Engineering for the Development of Automatic Design Methods. (PDFBibtex)